Welcome to Clementine’s, a Premier Astoria Oregon Bed and Breakfast


A spectacular beach experience within miles of Astoria

set in a restored 1888 Victorian Inn located in in the heart of the Historic District.

It’s been over 200 years since explorers and immigrants settled the North Oregon Coast region known today as Astoria, Oregon.  Explorers were still looking for a Northwest Passage when Captain Gray discovered the Columbia River in the late 1700’s while others found this beautiful region of rich resources, freedom, pristine and wild territory.  Lewis and Clark put it on the map as a United States territory in the early 1800’s. Soon Astoria was settled by waves of foreigners looking for fortune and a new life  and claimed the rich region known today for timber, fishing.  Now tourists come for this last American adventure and enjoy the rugged beauty of the Pacific Coast, coastal mountains,  the mighty Columbia River and its estuary, and the rich wildlife and outdoor adventure.

Walk along RiverWalk Park, a five mile walk or bike ride

Walk along RiverWalk Park, a five mile walk or bike ride

Today’s explorers staying at our Astoria Oregon bed and breakfast are tourists who find adventure hiking, biking, kayaking the rivers trails, paths and surf.  Astoria lives a rich heritage and history and treasures an unspoiled natural beauty seen along the scenic RiverWalk Park trail and present in the many local and regional museums.  Over 600 Victorian homes are tucked away throughout this small peninsula on the Columbia River, and  numerous museums relive history,  multiple galleries, antique shops and small intimate gift shops and dine at nearly 20 restaurants.  Astoria is the supreme escape for renewal and diversion.

Next door to the B&B is the Astoria, Oregon vacation rental: the 1852 Job Ross house which was used as The Moose Temple Lodge, an early fraternal club in the 1900’s and later the Mormon Church.  Today it accommodates guests and families and is pet-friendly.  All rooms on the property have private baths, some fireplaces and Jacuzzi tubs, luxury linens and guest amenities. Many rooms have views of the Columbia River, Coastal Mountains and city vistas.  Rooms are embellished with fresh flowers from our cutting garden in season and furnished with eclectic antiques  from the Victorian, Asian and rustic American periods.

Our Astoria Oregon bed and breakfast enjoys a prime location in the center of the  National Historic District, close to museums, restaurants, shops, galleries along the banks of the Columbia River.  Adventure is steps from the door.  You are within an eight block by four block radius of everything. The lovely 1888 restored Italianate beauty reflects the character and charm of its era and offers modern conveniences and amenities you would expect at a well-appointed European-style small hotel..